Why you should own a dog

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In this brief article we’ll discuss the various advantages of being a dog-owner. Personally, I have two dogs, a Schnauzer named Padfoot and a Beagle/Pit Bull mix named Marshall. It’s an experience I would recommend to anyone. Some benefits of having a dog include additional security in your house, constant companionship, and additional responsibility.
Dogs, regardless of the breed, have the capability to add some major security to your dwelling. Burglars will be less likely to enter your home if they know there is a dog inside. Smaller dogs, such as a Schnauzer or Yorkshire terrier, typically act as better watch-dogs instead of being a guard-dog. What this signifies is that smaller breeds are going to be able to alert you to an intruders presence, but might be unable to do much in the means of stopping the intruder. This is way many small breeds are known as being yappy or loud. Padfoot barks at everyone and everything, whereas Marshall keeps silent mostly till he feels threatened. Larger breed dogs, like a Great Dane or even a Golden Retriever, will be much better guard dogs. If someone did break in, the larger breeds are more likely to both scare off the intruder and to protect you.
The second benefit to owning a dog is the constant companionship they supply. They’re a terrific mood booster also. When you arrive, they are always happy to see you. Dogs do not like to disappoint their owners and must be trained well as to what’s right and wrong in their own household. If properly trained, dogs can be the ideal roommate there is. Marshall has been through all through tiers of the training courses at Petsmart and is now a Certified Good Citizen of the World. My husband Christian and I are very proud of him. Padfoot, however still has some work to do in the training department. A lot of research has pointed to the notion that owning a cat or dog can significantly reduce your stress levels and stave off depression. I certainly agree with this. Having a puppy prevents you from feeling lonely and keeps you on your toes. Dogs are in a continuous state of gratification to their owners, which can be reassuring to always have someone close who’s thankful for what you do.
Owning a dog adds a layer of responsibility to your life. If you have little or no additional responsibilities, then having a dog could be a great way to begin getting used to having them. It is a terrific way to prepare for future kids. Dogs require consistent attention and care. At a young age, there is a an awful lot of training to go through to teach your dog manners. It would also prepare you to get someone being completely reliant. On the flip-side, the excess responsibility of owning a dog may show you that you aren’t fully equipped to have a baby yet or that you don’t want one.

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